A lack of updates…

Lately, I have not updated this blog as often as I did previously. I’m not sure of any particular reason as to why. I have been in a more contemplative state recently, I suppose. More thinking and writing musically and lyrically as opposed to writing conversationally. Yes, Hail the Titans is working on new material, and I am also writing for another solo album as well.

However, while that stuff is in the works, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about some music that I think you should hear.

Saturday, I got to see my friends in Jungol perform again. If you have not heard their albums or seen them live, you should. Along with being nice people, they are great musicians.

And Thrice has some new music posted on their website from their upcoming album “Major/Minor.” Currently, five songs are posted, and it seems to be a great follow-up to “Beggars.”

Also, there are currently 5 days left in the Gut Munchers fundraiser. Click here for more info.

And finally, The Guardian has posted an excerpt from Michael Moore’s new book “Here Comes Trouble.” It’s a good read.


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