Zombies and your mom

This past weekend, filming for Gut Munchers began. There were zombies, “your mom” jokes, bloody wounds, brains, an ax, a knife, guns, chickens, goats, beer, liquor, camping, derby girls, a tractor and lots more.

Here is a photo of some of the cast as taken by Lee Fuller, who was gracious enough to allow the use of his land for the film. Many thanks for the hospitality (and the coffee!).

L to R: Amber Davis ("Linda"), Jonna Scott ("Maggie"), me ("Vince"), Michael Dewey ("Chad"), Nolan Dewey ("Zeb"), Clay Smith ("Buck")

It was nice to see the cast and crew again. Some of them, I had not seen since last year when we filmed the teaser. Also, along with Jason Snellgrove (writer, director), Raquel Walker was filming as well. I have previously worked with her on a film called “Visulant” and an action film called “Chaser.”

Be sure to click like on the Gut Munchers Facebook page for updates as the film progresses.


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