Art, photography, unhealthy stuff, etc.

Tomorrow (Thursday, to be more specific), “The Art of Photography” show is opening at Stonehenge on Cloverdale Road in Montgomery. It’s just down from Derk’s Filet and Vine (sidenote: which might just have the best craft and high gravity beer selection in town.)

The show is from 5 – 8 p.m. and includes work from Elmore Inscoe DeMott, Mark Dauber and Jon Cook Photography. The address I found on Google is 417 Cloverdale Road, Montgomery, Ala. 36106.



Speaking of photography, congrats to my friend Hillary Andrews of Pint Bottle Photography. She entered some of her work in a competition at this year’s Alabama National Fair and won a second place ribbon for a photo of the band Daikaiju.

She also received an honorable mention for a photo shoot she did of me in pouring rain (cold rain,  I might add.)

In other news, I tried a burger yesterday that goes by many names: the donut burger, Krispy Kreme burger or “Luther Burger.” It is a burger that uses two glazed donuts instead of bread. Jason Snellgrove (Breaking Aim & The Rhythm, Flip the Switch, Gut Munchers) also had one. Oh yeah, bacon and cheese were added to it. It’s actually good, believe it or not. (So is a fried Snickers bar, by the way.) (Another sidenote: Why do these clothes seem tighter today?)


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