I ate authentic Mexican food from a gas station…

…and I lived to tell about it (and how good it really was.)

On the way back from Atlanta yesterday, we stopped at a gas station that had a Mexican restaurant inside it. It wasn’t the standard fare you generally see; it was the good stuff. When the place advertises that they have menudo, pozole, barbacoa and words such as “pastor,” that is a good sign. So yeah, one burrito pastor later, complete with cebolla and chile torriado, I can recommend the authentic food at the gas station.

So, now I’ll back up a bit. If you came to any of the shows this past week that I was a part of, thank you! Wednesday’s show with The Changing Me and Clint Darby at AlleyBAR was a lot of fun. So was The Tipping Point show with The Changing Me on Thursday.

Friday’s show at The Nick in Birmingham was great. Black Oak Cemetery and Liberty in Embers played, and we got to share the stage with our good friends in The Great American Breakdown, who are incredible.

Saturday, we played The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta with Capillaries and Nigredo, both of whom are amazing bands.

Just about everything I play seemed to be messed up that night, but the guys from Nigredo stepped in to help and saved our performance. They let me borrow an Orange Rockerverb 100 head to play and some patch cables to run a bare-bones board. I’m used to my full pedal board, but because we didn’t have time to find out where the problem was, I ran a stripped-down version composed of a tuner, a Klon Centaur and a Vox Time Machine. You can watch our performance on the Livestream.com website.

Be sure to go click the Facebook “Like” button on the Rock Science page. Tracey is the one who booked the Atlanta show, and she works hard to bring awesome shows to the area. She also took these photos:


Hail the Titans:


And many thanks to Lindsay G. and Nigredo for making sure we didn’t have to sleep in our van this weekend!

And last night, Head on the Door hosted a “Free Denzy” party, raising money for a great friend. It was great to see the level of love and support shown last night. Distant Kin and BPM both provided entertainment, and it was a great night all around.


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