Electro gremlins?

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how everything I play on seemed to be messed up Saturday and how Nigredo came to our rescue.

Last night, it was time to troubleshoot everything to find out what the problem was.

Step 1: Set up the amp without the attenuator and plug guitar straight into it without pedal board. No problems. Working fine.

Step 2: Plug in attenuator. Still working fine. Amp is OK.

Step 3: Pull all pedals off board and go through each one, individually, making sure that patch cables are OK and the signal is passing through. Done. No problems.

Troubleshooting on Twitpic

Step 4: Plug in theremin and test it. Seems to be working fine.

Step 5: Reassemble pedal board.

So yeah… after testing everything, it seems to be working fine. Saturday included a visit from the Fail Fairy’s electro gremlins, but last night, it’s all OK. Very strange. I hope everything stays in working order for Saturday’s visit to The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, Miss. and Sunday’s 1-year anniversary show in Montgomery… fingers crossed.


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