Denied and Hippie-fied… no, that title doesn’t work at all

Congrats to the SyFy channel for combining words to make the movie “Sharktopus,” but it doesn’t really work in this case.

So, let’s start chronologically…

On Friday, the Denied and Underexposed Art Initiative is being held in historic downtown Montgomery in the Kress building (39 Dexter Ave.) From 6 to 10 p.m., local art will be showcased. There is no cost to get in. As I type this, there are 394 who have clicked “attending” on Facebook, and I would estimate the number of people who show up to be much, much higher. Their last showing was in February (read about that here), and it was a great turnout with some amazing art.

I got a very small preview of some of the pieces this past Sunday during a photo shoot with Pint Bottle Photography (which will also have pieces on display Friday), and you will want to be there for this.

After the art showing, BPM will be performing at Head on the Door. 10 p.m. also, no cover. You can get all kinds of free entertainment this weekend.

On Saturday, head over to Capitol Oyster Bar at the Marina (617 Shady Street) for Organic Hippie’s 1-year anniversary party. Again, no cover charge, and I believe this one is all ages since it’s a restaurant anyway. Starts at 6 p.m. Congrats to Stacy on her first year in business!

Hail the Titans will be performing at the event. I think the O’Dudemen will also play, along with a reggae band from Jamaica and a DJ.


3 thoughts on “Denied and Hippie-fied… no, that title doesn’t work at all

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  2. HEY!

    The Suzies, El Cantador, and Vulture Whale are playing after at Alley Bar, and They are giving out 1000 wristbands to Denied and Under Exposed attendees (over 21) for a 5 dollar discount on the door. DJ casequarter (Kevin Nutt) will be spinning vinyl in the front bar all night.

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