Randomness 13.0

My new column where I finally offer comment on the “Occupy” movements was published yesterday at the Capital City Free Press.

INsite Magazine, in Atlanta, was kind enough to publish a review of the Hail the Titans album in this month’s edition. Read about that on the Hail the Titans website. They said some very nice things.

I got the 3xLP clear vinyl version of Sigur Ros’ “Inni” live album + DVD in the mail yesterday. It’s quite beautiful in packaging and sound. I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD yet, but the album is great.

3xLP from @sigurros. Beautiful packaging on Twitpic

Along with working on new stuff with the band, Hail the Titans’ Adam Davila has recently been working on some solo material. Here is a demo version of one of his songs:

And speaking of new music, Aaron Hendrickson of Atlanta’s Nigredo has released a new EP of ambient stuff under his solo project name Tree Witch. Listen here:

And is anyone really buying into the whole Newt Gingrich “Washington outsider” crap?


11 thoughts on “Randomness 13.0

  1. Newt’s not a Washington outsider. Anybody who’s been in Washington as long as he has can not possibly be considered an outsider. Herman Cain is about as close to a Washington outsider as you’ll find but even he’s not really an outsider.

    • I absolutely agree. It’s just strange to me that a former House speaker turned consultant who has lived in D.C. for at least three decades is even attempting to portray himself that way. And I can’t even imagine the lack of critical thinking that must be in place for someone to actually buy into it.

  2. Josh you know I respect you and your differing POV. However, just by your enlisted quantified question, it is loaded and anyone who answers to the contrary is already labeled as ‘stupid.’ However, you know me well enough to understand that I take both sides and weigh the issues. Let me ask you a question: You live in a republican state and grew up in a republican state. You live in the deepest part of the Bible Belt that you can get and have grown up in the deepest part of the Bible Belt – for 30 years mind you. Should I then consider you a conservative, evangelical right wing person just because you have been here? Yes Newt was the Speaker of the House but has not been in the “political arena” since he left office with the exception of running for POTUS with absolutely no chance at winning. What strikes me here is that you are following suit with the rest of the left wing media in that b/c Newt is now in the top tier, what can we do to bust him down. Have you noticed that the media has backed off of Herman Cain now that he is no longer a threat in the GOP? Have you noticed that these so called “sexual allegations” have kinda just faded into the night for Herman Cain? Does it even matter that two of the ‘supposed’ victims worked in the Obama Administration? Hmmmm, that seems kinda strange don’t you think? Now, the target is on Newt’s back because MSNBC, CNN and Keith Olbermann are doing everything they can to disentigrate Newt Gingrich because he is not in the top tier. I promise you, if you asked our current president who he would NOT want to debate against, I bet you 1,000,000 to 1 he would pick Newt Gingrich and the left media understands and knows that. Just so you know, Newt Gingrich is probably the most qualified and smartest candidate running for the GOP and he would wipe the floor with our current president on policy issues pertaining to the Constitution (which is what the POTUS is supposed to abide by). So to answer your question, I do buy into the notion that he is a “Washington Outsider” who happens to live in Washington. And guess what? It doesn’t cost me a thing to buy into it (although I am still voting for Herman Cain if he is still on the ballot). I am an educated person with the ability to think for myself. I am a conservative that doesn’t let the likes of Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh etc determine what I think and how I vote; unlike most of the other side that allows all the propaganda determine how they think and vote. What I really don’t understand about your post is that you had a great post going until you totally switched gears to this. Wonder why you did that? Just curious.

    • The switching gears part is because this is in the “Randomness” category. It’s just multiple, short things that I’m thinking about or listening to.

      Newt spent 20 years in Congress, 4 of which he served as speaker. While staying in D.C., he has served on the Defense Policy Board under Pres. George W. Bush (that’s from his website), along with his consulting and teaching. Not holding elected office does not equate to being an “outsider.”

      Keep in mind, I am not saying he is not well versed in policy issues, and I am not implying that he would not be able to hold his own in a debate. I am saying that a political insider claiming to be an outsider is the equivalent of a politician running for reelection claiming not to be a politician. It is not accurate.

      And the blame-the-media thing is a distraction from the point I was making.

      • “The blame the media thing” is brought on by the media. Since you brought up the controversial “Washington Outsider” unfortunately you are not the beginner of this story. None of the “Washington Outsider” became an issue until Newt became top tier. He has been saying he is a “Washington Outsider” for years. This is nothing new. But why is it all of the sudden important. If it is a distraction then it should have been a distraction from the beginning of his campaign but it wasn’t until he became a top tier contender. Again, just look at the coverage of Herman Cain now. Non existent as it relates to the so called ‘allegations.’ The media got rid of him and it’s now on to the next guy that would wipe the floor on policy with Obama. So the media has created this “Washington Outsider” garbage because Newt has always contested for years he was a Washington Outsider. He did that 4 years ago when he ran for POTUS.

        • You ask why it’s important all of a sudden and say that this was not an issue until he became top tier. You answered your own question. Here’s a perfect example: Right now, there is a guy named Charles “Buddy” Roemer III who is running for president. He is a former Congressman and former governor of Louisiana. If he says today that he is a political outsider, who cares? He’s not even showing up in the polls. His chance of winning the Republican nomination is almost zero. But if he somehow managed to work his way into the top four in the polls, and then said such a thing, well… the media might wonder if he’s telling the truth, and look into it. He may have said the same thing for years, but no one cared until he moved up in the polls.

          The media is reporting what Gingrich is currently saying in interviews. I don’t see what they are doing that seems to draw such ire. If Gingrich would quit trying to put a label on himself that doesn’t fit, there wouldn’t be so much focus in the label itself. It’s not the media’s fault on this one; it’s the candidate.

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