More zombies and less “your mom”

You may remember the “Zombies and your mom” post from September. (If not, click here and catch up.)

Anyway, we wrapped up the principle filming of Gut Munchers yesterday. It’s got all the great qualities of a low-budget horror movie: blood, guts, brains, axes, rednecks, zombies, humor, chicks (it’s a zombie movie, don’t get offended at the term chicks.)

It was a lot of fun to film, and now it’s up to Mr. Jason Snellgrove and his video editing skills.

Also… in video-related news, I am almost finished with the editing of the music video for Hail the Titans‘ “I Am Become Death.”

If you missed it, click the photo below to see a Pint Bottle Photography gallery from the music video shoot.

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