Updates, cancellations and sadness

So… there have been some changes to Monday’s post in regards to shows. You may notice that a couple of the events I wrote about now have a line through them.

Before going further, most of the events mentioned are still going on, so go support the ones that are not crossed out.

However, I just found out a little while ago that the Iceberg Lounge, which was set to host the Norma Jean show (among others that were in the works) will not be open, and the shows have been canceled.

Rather than me giving a brief summary of the reasoning, I’ll just post the status update from David Jones, the man behind the Iceberg Lounge and Reaction Media:

It hurts me to say that Iceberg Lounge is over, before it even began, and that all events scheduled are cancelled, including tomorrows show with Norma Jean. I will chalk it all up by saying that the City of Montgomery officials are not interested in having a positive all-ages outlet for artists and musicians in the area. This was proven apparent through all of the excessive hoops we were forced to jump through, and when completed, were only given even further scrutiny. Without making this about the $10,000+, and hundreds of man hours I have personally invested and now lost, it more so just saddens me to see something with such a good intention be brought down by the officials of our city.

Feel free to direct any questions you have to Jerry Russel, head of the building inspections department.

Jerry Russell
Department: Inspections
Phone: 334-241-2173
E-mail: jrussell@montgomeryal.gov

Don’t mark this as Reaction Media or myself giving up on Montgomery by any means, the people of this city are more important to me than anything else, this is solely to make you all aware of the current situation. If you have any suggestions or ways to help accomplish our goals, hit me up.

Reaction Media has been working hard for years now, bringing mostly all-ages shows and bigger touring bands to Alabama, in Montgomery and lately branching out to Birmingham and Mobile markets. I hope they will continue to push forward.

Support local music and art.

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