Randomness 14.0

I finally watched “Predators.” I know… you’ve all seen it already. Good for you. I thought it was pretty good. It left many unanswered questions. It had a nice twist. This is not a full review by any means, and apparently not enough text to even make it to the bottom of the movie cover image to the left. Can I add enough filler to this paragraph to make it to the end of the image? Is that possible? Would you read it if I could? These are not the unanswered questions from the movie, but if you’ve read this far, some of them just got answered.

I got to see Rowe, Bearhead and The Trews Wednesday at The Nick in Birmingham. It was a fun show. The guys from Bearhead dropped it like it was hot. No, really. I’m not just saying that. They booty danced.

Speaking of The Trews, they’re in Montgomery tonight at AlleyBAR with Hail the Titans and the Poison Kitchen.

And here is Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, courtesy of MovieWeb:

"I drink your milkshake and win the Civil War!"



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