[witty title involving photos goes here]

First, here’s your reminder that tonight is the Pint Bottle Photography showing at Head on the Door. Prints are for sale (and make great gifts… I mean, who doesn’t like art? And if they can’t appreciate art then you may want to rethink your friendship with them because maybe, just maybe, they have no culture, and their level of artistic depth is a Nickelback album – you owe us one, Canada!)

OK, where was I? Oh yeah… the art show tonight. The Montgomery Advertiser’s GoPlay section has an article about it: “Local photographer’s work on display tonight.”

Also, speaking of photos, Organic Hippie has posted some from their 1-year anniversary show. Click the photo below for the entire gallery, which includes photos of The O’Dudemen, Banditos and Hail the Titans.

Other than that… I was able to catch that comedy show on Tuesday. (I mentioned it in a post on Monday.) It was pretty good. Funny stuff.

And I have been catching up with some friends, enjoying some good conversation, good beers (’tis the season for a good stout!) and not getting enough sleep. So, uh… I’ll see you at the art show tonight!


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