Stuff you should know…

First of all, mark your calendars for this coming Thursday. Yes, Thursday, Dec. 22. Why, you ask? Because Banditos is playing in Montgomery.

The Birmingham band is returning to Montgomery and playing at It’ll Do Tavern (North Blvd./Lagoon Park area.) Starts at 9:30, and there is no cover.

This show is the first of a concert series sponsored and curated by Organic Hippie.

Next, one of Hail the Titans‘ favorite venues needs your help! The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, Miss. is currently holding a fundraiser to help keep the doors open. This venue has been very good to us, and is run by some of the nicest people in the business.

More information on their fundraiser can be found on their IndieGoGo site. If you’re in or near Ocean Springs, especially, help keep your original music scene alive.

Also, if you haven’t heard, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il has died, which presumably will spell the death of the “Kim Jong Il looking at things” Tumblr site, unless someone decides to go all “Weekend at Bernie’s” with the body.


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