You don’t care about my thoughts on movies…

…but I’m going to post them on this blog anyway.

I am a film fan, and when I say that, I’m not referring to what seems to constitute cinema these days – in other words, I don’t care about sparkling vampires and hormonal teenage girls who can’t decide between said vampires and werewolves. I like movies that make me think (“Inception”), or that impress me in some other ways – maybe the cinematography (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”), maybe the superb acting (“There Will Be Blood”), or sometimes it might just be the creative way a story is told (“Pulp Fiction”).

Confession: I also like some cheesy B-movies just for the sake that they are terrible. Ever watch some of the original SyFy movies? “Sharktopus,” for example.

My schedule does not always permit me to take the time to enjoy a movie, but when it does, I try to make it count.

On Christmas day, I saw “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” It’s a Guy Ritchie film, which made me want to see it. (I still, unfortunately, have not seen the first one, but that didn’t take away from this one.) I’ve been a fan of most of Ritchie’s work – especially “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.” “Revolver” was strange, but still had his style, and I would like to see “RocknRolla” further developed into the trilogy that he has mentioned.

Anyway, the new Sherlock Holmes movie is great. It definitely has his style throughout – most notably, aside from the gritty visual aspect, in the slow-motion to fast-motion and fight scenes. It’s very reminiscent of the bare-knuckle boxing scenes from “Snatch.”

The story line and effects are well done, too. And the acting and very eloquent set design fits perfectly with the time period.

And in the “I’m really late to the party” files, I finally watched “Casino Royale” recently, as well.

First of all, Daniel Craig plays a great James Bond.

Second, the action sequences in this film are brilliant – very stylish and just over-the-top enough to be a great Bond film (as opposed to Bruce Willis on a freakin’ jet plane in “Live Free or Die Hard” and the entire “Shoot ’em Up” film that even Paul Giamatti’s acting couldn’t salvage for me.)

What seemed like an ending seemed to go on way too long, which was the first clue that there was more to the story line, and it’s a great story line, but I’m sure you probably already knew that because you probably saw this movie five or six years ago when everybody else did.

I guess next on the list of films to see is “Quantum of Solace” (yes, I’m still late to the party on this one as well) and of course, the first “Sherlock Holmes” that Ritchie made.


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