I am a beard model

Not really. But some friends seem to think so, especially when they see this advertisement on Facebook:

There is a lot of white space up there…

If you missed the Nigredo/Hail the Titans show on Friday, or the Black Racers/Skeptic? show on Saturday, you really missed out. Both shows were a lot of fun.

This week, it looks like a show tomorrow night in Atlanta may be the most epic of the week. Rock Science is presenting Swank Sinatra, New Terminus and Mice in Cars at the Star Bar. If you were at the show Friday, the drummer for Mice in Cars (Nick, who is also in Brother Hawk) was filling in with Nigredo, adding some keys to their stuff.

The Organic Hippie/104.9 The Gump Thursday night concert series at It’ll Do Tavern continues on Thursday with the Honey Tree Band.

Head on the Door has Joe Wright on Friday, and Sound and Shape is playing on Saturday.

And Dead Not Dancing Productions out of Portland, Oregon just posted the Hail the Titans “Cesium” music video:

Music I think you should hear, vol. 3

These albums have been out for a little while, but really, if you haven’t heard them, what are you waiting for?

Jungol is a fantastic band from Atlanta. I’ve seen them multiple times and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a few times. Great music by great people.

And my friends in Vyathist put our their “Faceless, Dreamless” album out this past October. It’s loud. It’s heavy. It’s metal. It’s good. And they’ve got it set up where you can name your own price.

Stuff to do: 2012, week 4 [updated]

I’m thinking that counting the weeks is going to get old…

Anyway, here are some things to do this week:

I admit, I have been looking forward to this one for a while – this Friday, at Head on the Door, it’s Hail the Titans and Nigredo. You’ve probably heard every member of Hail the Titans talk about this Atlanta band before, and this Friday, we’re welcoming them to Montgomery.

I was thinking about calling this “The Night of Too Many Pedals,” which would be funny except for the fact that there’s no such thing as “too many pedals.”

It’s true. If you have too many pedals to fit on your pedal board, that just means you need to build a bigger board or get a second one.

Here is one of the… seven? (including both bands)… pedal boards that will be in attendance on Friday:


Before our show, stop by the Tipping Point in the Hampstead area and hear Zac Martin. He starts at 7 p.m.

Also, our friends in The Great American Breakdown are playing with Sound and Shape at Egan’s in Tuscaloosa that night.

Saturday morning, the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice is holding the “Welcoming Alabama Campaign at Biscuit’s Stadium and the Alley downtown. They’re looking for volunteers to be photographed while holding signs “personalized value-based messages reflecting an honest statement or belief regarding immigration or multicultural acceptance.” The event goes from 8 to 10 a.m. Details here.

After you get your nap in, be sure to go to Head on the Door that night to catch The Black Racers and Skeptic? (That’s a statement, by the way. The question mark is part of the band name.) Check out the Black Racers’ self-titled album below:

[UPDATE] I didn’t see an invite for Thursday’s Distant Kin show at It’ll Do Tavern; otherwise, I would have included it above. Yeah, the Organic Hippie / 104.9 The Gump Thursday night concert series continues this week with Distant Kin. Music there generally starts around 9 p.m. No cover charge.

Music I think you should hear, vol. 2

Yesterday, Mice in Cars released a brand new two-song EP titled “Good Men are Monsters.” Listen below:

If you’re in Atlanta on Feb. 1, you should stop by the Star Bar. Rock Science is presenting a show with Mice in Cars, New Terminus and Swank Sinatra. I have seen all three of these bands before, and I can tell you that this is a great lineup and will be a great show.

Also, I’ve talked about the new Bearhead album before, but along with giving it away for free during January, they’ve finally put it on Bandcamp as well. Check out “The Baritone Snake Revival” below:

Randomness 15.0

So Rick Perry is dropping out of the race for president. He joins Michelle Bachmann in a list of “People Who Should Never Have Tried to be President to Begin With.”

Wikipedia is back today after yesterday’s protest of the overreaching Stop Online Privacy Act, known as SOPA and it’s twin [big] brother PIPA – Protect Intellectual Property Act. If you’re unaware of what those are or what they mean (and didn’t get on Facebook or Twitter at all yesterday), here is a detailed article provided by LifeHacker, but to entertain you while appeasing your Attention Deficit Disorder, here is a funny animation that explains it, provided by The Oatmeal. To get the point across, it uses love, a goat, a koala, and Oprah and Jesus riding a jet ski in space.

L.A. Weekly published a scientific and prophetic explanation of why Toby Keith is absolutely terrible. You should check that out here.

Here is a Tech Crunch article about a guy from here in Montgomery, Ala. whose band recorded their entire album on an iPhone, using Dropbox to share files between members. You can hear the end result below, from One Like Son:

If you’re wondering why I use “Ala.” for Alabama rather than “AL,” it’s because I tend to write using the rules found in the Associated Press Stylebook, or “AP Style,” as it tends to be called.

And here is some local music (from Millbrook, Ala.) that is described as “heavy, phychedelic-influenced, instrumental rock” by the band Bonejackal:

Be sure to check out the most recent “Stuff to Do” post for events going on this weekend, beginning tonight.

And if you know anyone in the Pensacola, Fla. area, please get on Facebook and share this event with them. I just got the link this morning. It’s for the Hail the Titans show tomorrow night at The Handlebar with Burning Fern and Jon Deale.

Stuff to do: 2012, week 3

So what’s going on this week, you ask?

Thursday, the Organic Hippie/104.9 The Gump night at It’ll Do Tavern doesn’t include a band. This week, they’re holding an open jam. If you’re a musician and have been wanting to play in front of people, here’s your chance. No cover charge. Just bring your gear and join in with the others.

Friday, Hail the Titans is heading to Pensacola, Fla. to play at The Handlebar for the first time. It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Pensacola (and an even longer time since I’ve played at The Handlebar… I was in Easy Kiddo at the time.)

If you’re in Montgomery on Friday, you need to be at Head on the Door. Breaking Aim and The Rhythm is releasing a DVD that includes live footage from at least three shows. Also, The Great American Breakdown is making their Montgomery debut. Both bands are really, really good.

Also on Friday, AlleyBAR is hosting The Revivalists, a band from New Orleans. Click here to see a video from Paste Magazine of them on the beach in Pensacola.

On Saturday, Hail the Titans is heading to The Squeaky Lizard in Oceans Springs, Miss. We’re playing with No Fuego and Unicorn ScrewDriver.

In Montgomery, Head on the Door is hosting Johnny’s in the Basement (from Carrollton, Ga.) and Creep List.

So there you have it. Make plans. Support independent artists.

Also, if you didn’t hear yesterday, Birmingham’s Secret Stages announced 20 artists for this year’s festival. One of the five Alabama-based bands on the list is Hail the Titans. Read more here.

Music I think you should hear, vol. 1

Quick post here… Hail the Titans is working on a new recording today, but while we’re locked away in the lab, I figured I would leave you with some new music that deserves a listen.

Last night, Randy Garcia (of Swank Sinatra and Nophi Recordings) posted his newest electronic effort under the moniker R_Garcia. It’s good stuff.

And if you still haven’t heard Swank Sinatra’s newest album, “El Terrible,” then what are you waiting for? Take a listen.

Hail the Titans, studio time...

Hail the Titans, studio time...

Oh… and if you still haven’t seen the new Gut Munchers trailer, click here.

Sounds for your ear holes

I’ve used the titles “For your ears” and “Quick post for your ears” already. I’m starting to run out of ways to say that. Maybe I should do a “Music I think you should hear” series with numbers similar to my “Randomness” posts. Hmm…

Yea! (or is it “yay” these days?) You made it to the second paragraph! So, here is some music that I think you should hear.

Capillaries just released their “Into the History of Light” album. Instrumental post-rock from Atlanta. Really good stuff from great musicians and nice guys.

Last night, Atlanta-based Jack of Hearts played at It’ll Do in Montgomery. They sounded great, and if you haven’t seen their drummer, “Snare-uh,” play in this band or Odist, you’re missing out.

And some friends from the Gulf Coast – Gulfport, Miss. to be specific – are Quiet Hands. They’re on the heavier, more chaotic end of the musical spectrum when compared to the bands mentioned above, but good stuff nonetheless.

And along with a new album, “The Baritone Snake Revival” (which you can get – for FREE – for just a little while longer at this link), Bearhead now has a new band photo (by Pint Bottle Photography.)

[UPDATE] I was just informed that Tree Witch also released some new stuff today. If you didn’t know, Tree Witch is the solo/side project of Aaron Hendrickson, the bassist for Nigredo. It’s ambient and beautiful.

The Video page

Since I’ve been involved in some video stuff lately – editing Hail the Titans’ “I Am Become Death” video, participating in films like Gut Munchers and Chaser, and the re-post of the “Ocean” video by Dead Not Dancing Productions – I decided it might be a good idea to make a “Video” page, which shows up in the menu of this blog.

The page is not all-encompassing, but it shows some of the stuff I’ve been involved with, and it goes back quite awhile – all the way to the days when I was in a band called 12th Hour.

So, if you’re bored and want to kill some time by watching videos and/or laughing at me, check out the video page on this site. Thanks.

Stuff to do: 2012, week 2

This week is looking somewhat busy, but here are a few things you might be interested in checking out:

If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in roller derby, Montgomery’s own River Region Rollergirls are having an open recruitment night this Wednesday, starting at 8 p.m. Details here.

On Thursday, there are a couple of shows going on. Head on the Door is hosting Distant Kin (Celtic, folk and bluegrass featuring members of BPM.) Details here.

Thursday is also the original music night at It’ll Do Tavern sponsored by Organic Hippie and 104.9 The Gump. This week, they welcome Atlanta’s own Jack of Hearts, a band that shares a drummer with Odist. I have heard very good things about them. I haven’t seen a Facebook event listing for this show yet, but the music has been starting around 9 p.m. for the last few Thursday shows.


Parabellum is metal. Florida swamp metal, to be more specific. They’re playing at Head on the Door Friday. Details here.

On Saturday, Skeptic? and Breaking Aim & The Rhythm are playing at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa. Details here.

In Dothan on Saturday, singer-songwriter Bobby Hill is opening a CD release show for the band I Am. We Are. Details here.