So what’s up, 2012?

We’re now three days into the new year, so if you haven’t started your year off right, allow me to help you rectify that situation with some new music:

Go check out the new Bearhead album.

It’s called “The Baritone Snake Revival.”

It’s really good.

They’re giving it away for free, so you really have no excuse.

Also, Swank Sinatra just released their new album as well. It’s called “El Terrible.” It’s 12 tracks of energy that you can receive in an immediate digital format of your choice for the low price of $5. (And you can stream it below, too.)

Hail the Titans has started off the new year by filming footage for a new music video. We met up with Ross Lyerly from Portland, Oregon-based Dead Not Dancing Productions last night to film some footage. He was assisted by our friend Leslie. (Thank you both!)

The video is for the song “Cesium” from our album Hymns of Mare Nostrum.

Last December, he shot a music video for the song “Ocean” from my last solo album The Final Scene.

While the video is not currently online (I’m hoping it will be back soon), there are some clips from the video that appear in this Dead Not Dancing 2011 demo reel (the first one around the 1-minute mark.)

And the next time you’re perusing videos on YouTube, please check out this video by Hail the Titans titled “Grilling with Knucklehead Strings.” Please click the “Like” button on there for us. There is a little bit more info about the reasoning here.

Um… in other news, I finally watched “Quantum of Solace.” I was talking about “Casino Royale” in a post last Wednesday, so I figured I would update the info. It was really good, not quite to the point of Casino Royale, but the way it continued the story line from that one was done very well. Good stuff.

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