Sounds for your ear holes

I’ve used the titles “For your ears” and “Quick post for your ears” already. I’m starting to run out of ways to say that. Maybe I should do a “Music I think you should hear” series with numbers similar to my “Randomness” posts. Hmm…

Yea! (or is it “yay” these days?) You made it to the second paragraph! So, here is some music that I think you should hear.

Capillaries just released their “Into the History of Light” album. Instrumental post-rock from Atlanta. Really good stuff from great musicians and nice guys.

Last night, Atlanta-based Jack of Hearts played at It’ll Do in Montgomery. They sounded great, and if you haven’t seen their drummer, “Snare-uh,” play in this band or Odist, you’re missing out.

And some friends from the Gulf Coast – Gulfport, Miss. to be specific – are Quiet Hands. They’re on the heavier, more chaotic end of the musical spectrum when compared to the bands mentioned above, but good stuff nonetheless.

And along with a new album, “The Baritone Snake Revival” (which you can get – for FREE – for just a little while longer at this link), Bearhead now has a new band photo (by Pint Bottle Photography.)

[UPDATE] I was just informed that Tree Witch also released some new stuff today. If you didn’t know, Tree Witch is the solo/side project of Aaron Hendrickson, the bassist for Nigredo. It’s ambient and beautiful.

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