Randomness 15.0

So Rick Perry is dropping out of the race for president. He joins Michelle Bachmann in a list of “People Who Should Never Have Tried to be President to Begin With.”

Wikipedia is back today after yesterday’s protest of the overreaching Stop Online Privacy Act, known as SOPA and it’s twin [big] brother PIPA – Protect Intellectual Property Act. If you’re unaware of what those are or what they mean (and didn’t get on Facebook or Twitter at all yesterday), here is a detailed article provided by LifeHacker, but to entertain you while appeasing your Attention Deficit Disorder, here is a funny animation that explains it, provided by The Oatmeal. To get the point across, it uses love, a goat, a koala, and Oprah and Jesus riding a jet ski in space.

L.A. Weekly published a scientific and prophetic explanation of why Toby Keith is absolutely terrible. You should check that out here.

Here is a Tech Crunch article about a guy from here in Montgomery, Ala. whose band recorded their entire album on an iPhone, using Dropbox to share files between members. You can hear the end result below, from One Like Son:

If you’re wondering why I use “Ala.” for Alabama rather than “AL,” it’s because I tend to write using the rules found in the Associated Press Stylebook, or “AP Style,” as it tends to be called.

And here is some local music (from Millbrook, Ala.) that is described as “heavy, phychedelic-influenced, instrumental rock” by the band Bonejackal:

Be sure to check out the most recent “Stuff to Do” post for events going on this weekend, beginning tonight.

And if you know anyone in the Pensacola, Fla. area, please get on Facebook and share this event with them. I just got the link this morning. It’s for the Hail the Titans show tomorrow night at The Handlebar with Burning Fern and Jon Deale.


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