I am a beard model

Not really. But some friends seem to think so, especially when they see this advertisement on Facebook:

There is a lot of white space up there…

If you missed the Nigredo/Hail the Titans show on Friday, or the Black Racers/Skeptic? show on Saturday, you really missed out. Both shows were a lot of fun.

This week, it looks like a show tomorrow night in Atlanta may be the most epic of the week. Rock Science is presenting Swank Sinatra, New Terminus and Mice in Cars at the Star Bar. If you were at the show Friday, the drummer for Mice in Cars (Nick, who is also in Brother Hawk) was filling in with Nigredo, adding some keys to their stuff.

The Organic Hippie/104.9 The Gump Thursday night concert series at It’ll Do Tavern continues on Thursday with the Honey Tree Band.

Head on the Door has Joe Wright on Friday, and Sound and Shape is playing on Saturday.

And Dead Not Dancing Productions out of Portland, Oregon just posted the Hail the Titans “Cesium” music video:


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