The rise of local music?

I must say that I was inspired this morning after seeing a video (and article on of the Alabama Shakes performing on “Conan.” Many congrats to this rising band from Athens, Ala. It’s nice to see a good band from this state get a national (and probably international) audience.

This came just a few days after seeing (and being quoted in) an article by The Local Scene titled, “Supporting Local Music in the Gump.”

It seems like Alabama is beginning to get a little more recognition for music. I hope that’s the case. Not that it’s been completely dry in that regard, if you count a couple of American Idol winners who are from here, but winners of pop singing contests don’t seem to have the staying power of bands who find a national audience… at least from my perception.

I try to use this blog to highlight local music and artists from around the Southeast – many of which I have shared the stage with or developed friendships with – and I hope that you have found this information useful, or maybe even found a new favorite band.

But even more than this, I hope that you will continue to support the musicians who pour their hearts out into their music, through the good times and bad. Go to a show, buy a shirt, offer a floor to sleep on, inspire them to keep inspiring you.

And to all of the people who have supported me, Hail the Titans and the many other projects I have been a part of through the years: Thank you.


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