Stuff to do, 2012: Green beer edition [UPDATED]

It’s almost that magical time of year where you drink too much and make bad (or at least questionable) decisions. Yes, it’s Alabama’s primary election tomorrow. Wait… I mean St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend.

Who was St. Patrick? What do the candidates in tomorrow’s election stand for? Who cares?! Hand me a beer and make it green! Amirite? (Be sure to read my article, “Countdown to apathy: 2012” at the Capital City Free Press.)

So what’s going on this week besides an election tomorrow?

The Montgomery Symphony Orchestra’s Fellowship Series is going on tomorrow (Tuesday) night. It starts at 7:30 p.m. in the recital hall of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, located at the Shakespeare Festival.

On Wednesday, the River Region Rollergirls are having an open recruitment night at Looney’s. Starts at 8 p.m.

Friday, the O’Dudemen are at 1048 in Old Cloverdale. The same night, Head on the Door has Double Barrel Democracy and 82MM.

And on Saturday, the official St. Patrick’s Day, Banditos are returning to Montgomery, performing at Head on the Door.

And in non-event news, “Safe House” is a good movie. I mean, Ryan Reynolds looks like he’s about to cry for most of it, but he’s still a bad ass in it (although not quite to the level of bad ass he was in “Smokin Aces. What was missing? A beard.) And Denzel Washington is always good. I don’t remember him saying “My man” in this though.

[UPDATE] I just saw another event that is happening Saturday that I should mention: Distant Kin is playing at the Tipping Point in the Hampstead. Apparently, there are tickets being sold for this one.


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