Music and culture

After a primary election like the one we had on Tuesday, it may be hard for some people to believe that we, the people of Alabama, are not all married to our cousins. But we’re not. At least not all of us.

And there are even quite a few of us who appreciate things such as classical music, even if we don’t get the chance to see it performed live very often.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra‘s Fellowship Series on Tuesday night, held in the Wilson Auditorium at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. It featured performances by violinist Robin Scott and cellist Ahrim Kim.

It was very impressive, to say the least.

I believe the next performance in the series will be some time in May, and I would encourage you to attend.

I was able to capture a couple of very small clips with my phone (while trying to be very non-distracting about it). In other words, the video and audio below are cell phone quality, but hopefully it will give you a small taste of the level of talent that was shown Tuesday night.

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