Stuff to do, 2012: “They came from the North” edition

“They came from the North edition” sound better to me than “Yankee edition” because as I’m typing this, I do not have a straw hat on, nor do I have a piece of straw hanging out of my mouth to pick “chew” out of my teeth.

But I digress…

The reason for the title has to do with events going on this Thursday, but let’s go on chronological order:

On Wednesday, The Great American Breakdown is playing at The Nick in Birmingham with Moonlight Bride and Young Orchids.

OK, now for Thursday:

There are two shows in town that night, so if anyone has found out how to be at two places at once, please share.

Head on the Door is hosting Grass is Green, a Boston, Mass. band touring through the area. You can hear their album “Ronson” here:

And just a few miles up the road at It’ll Do Tavern, Grandfather, from Brooklyn, NY, will be opening for Atlanta’s own Toy Devils. You can hear Grandfather’s demos and Toy Devil’s new album, “It’s Ugly… But Is It Art?” below:

Friday, Hail the Titans is heading to Atlanta to play The Music Room at Pizza Vesuvius with Grass is Green (see above) and Ricer.

Also that night, Head on the Door has Richard James and the Special Riders.

Saturday, the River Region Rollergirls are having a car wash in Prattville.

It’s from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Langley Automotive.

Also on Saturday, Distant Kin is playing at Head on the Door.

And that night, Hail the Titans is making our debut in Columbus, Ga. at the “Plug House,” which is the meeting place of the Plug Uglies, a club “dedicated to the advancement of our scene.”

So… go to a show.

I got Moonlit Sailor‘s “Colors in Stereo” album in the mail yesterday (all the way from Sweden). It’s pressed on blue vinyl:

It’s a really good post-rock album, released by Deep Elm Records. You can hear the entire album here:


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