Hog tying a person

“Hog tying a person” is a search term that led someone to my blog. Really. But that has nothing to do with the rest of this post, other than making an interesting and odd headline.

So, if you missed Grass is Green at Head on the Door Thursday or the Music Room in Atlanta Friday, then you missed out. They’re a really good band and nice guys. Elements of  the Refused and At the Drive-In mixed with an indie rock band. And Ricer rocked out Friday. That was my first time seeing them with their new drummer. They are very energetic.

There is a really good Jamaican restaurant about a block up from the venue. It’s a small, hole-in-the-wall looking place (which usually end up having the best food). There were maybe two tables and a counter to sit at, and they sold soap, toothpaste, spices, etc. But the food (I had the jerk chicken, but they also served curry chicken, goat, fried plantains and more) was excellent.

Columbus was a lot of fun. The Plug Uglies were really good to us. They care about music, and they care about their music scene. And it was great sharing the stage with Beyond Sorrow. We definitely hope to return soon.

The Plug Uglies are nice people. Don't steal from them.

…and I got to see some of a film called “Die Hard Dracula.” If the 1.9/10 star rating doesn’t give it away too much, it’s pretty cheesy and campy. I mean, Van Helsing and some other guy launch a grenade into Dracula’s castle window – with a slingshot – and after the explosion, Dracula, while holding the neck of a destroyed and fiery violin and bow, yells something like, “You destroyed my violin! You must get me a new one!” Yeah…

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