Jackson, Miss. has a great new record store

On Saturday, we headed to Jackson, Miss. to play at the grand opening of a new record store there called Morningbell Records.

We left Montgomery, heading west on Highway 80, and about half-way to Selma, we made a stop, turning around actually. Wes noticed a vehicle flip off the road on the east-bound lane, so we turned around to check on the people. Other people, including some nurses, were also stopped at the scene.

There was a vehicle, sideways, in the ditch area. The two people were outside of the vehicle – one man laying in the grass and the younger person standing beside him. Both of them were alive, but against the advice of the nurses and everyone else around, the man on the ground jumped to his feet instead of waiting on medical attention.

As there was nothing else we could do, we turned around and headed toward Jackson again.

We got to Morningbell Records in time to catch Sun Hotel‘s performance. We had played with them previously at a show in Mobile. It was good to see those guys again. After them was El Cantador, from Mobile. I’ve heard of them, but this was my first time seeing them. Good stuff.

We played after El Cantador. It was a lot of fun, and the record store is great. While the bands were playing, people were listening and shopping, buying new and used albums on vinyl and browsing CDs from signed and local artists.

It’s a great store, so if you’re in or near Jackson, I encourage you to stop in and check it out.

Before leaving Jackson, Wes, our friend Dillon and I all went to a restaurant called Burgers and Blues. Apparently, they’ll be on the show “Man vs. Food” on April 18 for their “Whammy Challenge.” The “Challenge” is basically eating more than four pounds of food and finishing a milkshake in less than 25 minutes. If you can do it, the meal is free. (Any subsequent doctor visit is not.)

And of course, what meal in the South is complete without a complete stranger, angrily jumping in a calm, lighthearted conversation among friends to tell you that the president is a Muslim?


2 thoughts on “Jackson, Miss. has a great new record store

  1. Wow, you make me almost wish I’d taken the job in Jackson instead of Montgomery. lol Never have I wanted to go to Mississippi so badly. ^_^

    That last line had me about dying in laughter, too. hehe

  2. It’s definitely a cool place. I wish Montgomery would support a store like that.

    And regarding that last line, once the guy finally walked inside the restaurant and left us alone, I heard, “I had a feeling that guy was going to say something. He had his cell phone attached to his belt.”

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