So… we could use a new van

You may have heard that Hail the Titans is looking to upgrade our van. It’s true. And yes, we’re asking for your help.

We’ve set up an IndieGoGo website to help raise money, complete with a video and certain perks that we’re offering in exchange for your monetary support.

Everyone in this band loves music. It’s deeper than just “what we do;” it’s who we are. While we all have regular jobs to cover our personal bills, we spend as many weekends and off-days on the road as we can get booked. Yes, the glamorous life of an independent musician that includes sleeping in a van and on floors (when offered), not showering for days, putting what money was made at the last show into the gas tank, gas station bathrooms, lots of coffee, etc. All of this allows us to go from city to city, state to state, even on weekend jaunts.

But this year, we made a goal to try to expand our audience further. We play around the Southeastern U.S. regularly and continue to do so, but this summer, our goal is to take this band further, so we’ve started booking a tour. Some dates have already been confirmed, including as far away as New York and New Jersey. This is why a more reliable van is necessary. And this is why we need your help.

We launched the fundraiser last Monday, and as I type this, we’re currently at $475 of our $4,000 goal. Thank you to everyone that has given so far (and who may be planning to give during this campaign.) Every little bit counts, which is why we started the “perks” at just $5.

We appreciate all the help we’ve gotten so far (both in the campaign and the tour.) The following bands have been a great help on this tour, and I highly encourage you to check them out and support them: Swank Sinatra, R_Garcia, Megan Jean and the KFB, Grandfather, Mammox, Grass is Green. Also thanks to Say I Won’t Records.

Along with the online fundraising campaign, the store Organic Hippie is helping us out by holding a car wash on April 20. So on 4/20, you can get your car washed for $4.20.

The car wash event starts at 11 a.m. The event also has music, with DJ Krystoph starting at 6 p.m.

Many thanks to Stacy and the Organic Hippie staff (which includes our drummer, Trey) for helping the band out.

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