So… yeah… in the news…

The hesitancy in the title of this post has nothing to do with the story that ran yesterday about the Hail the Titans van fundraiser. In fact, the writer of the story did a great job talking about the aspects of our campaign.

The article, titled “Montgomery band Hail the Titans will write a song for you if you’ll help them buy a van,” includes a photo and video, along with detailed info about the campaign.

But today’s article has me and some other guys in makeup, wigs and women’s clothing, and that’s where the title’s hesitancy comes from.

Yes, it’s true. You can read about it and see it all in this article, titled “Montgomery men to compete in Dude Looks Like a Lady beauty pageant.”

The pageant is a fundraiser for the Joy to Life Foundation, an organization that provides free mammograms for under-served women in south central Alabama.

The event is on Thursday, April 19 at AlleyBAR, so if you want to come see me and group of other guys dressed up as bearded “ladies” for a good cause, show up at 7 p.m. with at least a $10 donation. Oh, and vote for yours truly, Ms. Joshilyn Carplet of Forrest Hills.

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