Bands I miss: Christiansen

Years ago, when there was a really nice festival in Birmingham, Ala. called “Furnace Fest,” I saw a band called Christiansen. They caught my attention, and to this day, their “Emphasizing Function Over Design” album is still as good today as it was then.

I found a 2005 interview from that describes them as “a mix of Fugazi, Thursday and At the Drive-In,” and I can see that.

“Emphasizing Function Over Design” and “Stylish Nihilists” are both on Spotify, and both albums are really good. Lots of energy. They are different, though. The first is more like older At the Drive-In, and the latter album is much more aggressive.

What reminded me of this? I watched some of the At the Drive-In reunion performance from Coachella (see below) and listened to the song “Lopsided” (starting at 11:35). Listen to that… well, watch the whole performance because it’s good, but pay attention to that song, and then listen to the first Christiansen album I mentioned above.

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