Music, men in makeup, car washes and cupcakes…

Did I miss anything?

This Thursday… tomorrow… is the “Dude Looks Like a Lady” woman-less beauty pageant, where a group of guys (yes… including me) will be in full make-up, wigs and dresses in a beauty pageant. It starts at 7 p.m. at AlleyBAR. The requested $10 donation (you can always give more) benefits the Joy to Life Foundation that provides free mammograms to medically under-served women in south central Alabama.

Also, Mike Ill is performing at Head on the Door later that night, and Creep List is playing at It’ll Do Tavern. No cover at either of those shows.

On Friday, 4/20, you should come out to Organic Hippie on Vaughn Road and hang out for awhile. Starting at 11 a.m., they are holding a car wash to benefit Hail the Titans to help us get a new van. (Also, maybe washing cars will help get some of the previous night’s makeup off my face.)

I’m told the event will also have a dunking booth. I think Trey will be making some stencil t-shirts, and Bad Mustache Beanies will have some items for sale. Also, Wes’s sister will be showcasing her culinary skills with a variety of special cupcakes that we picked out (and even helped come up with recipe combinations of our own.) I can’t remember all the names we made for them, but there was the “Squeal Like a Pig” cupcakes, “Goat Blood” cupcakes (sounds very “metal” right?), the “Gay Arnold Palmer” cupcakes and lots more.

DJ Krystoph starts at 6 p.m., and the store doesn’t close until 10, so it’s an all-day event. Many thanks to Stacy and the Organic Hippie staff for helping us out like this.

And after the store closes, you might as well stick around as right next door – at Head on the Door – BPM will be playing with special guests Denzy and the Denzophonix, who I have heard nothing but glowing reviews for since their performance last week at the Looking Up Records debut party.

Also that night, starting at 7 p.m. the Hotheads are playing out at Tipping Point in the Hampstead. I also hear that the Pine Hill Haints are playing a house party in town that night in the Capitol Heights area. (I really wish this town had more house parties. Those tend to be very fun shows.)

On Saturday, Helicity Montgomery has been working on bringing back the Montgomery Street Fair. Check out their website for more info on all the events going on in the downtown area. The official flier for the event looks like it has artwork by Winfred Hawkins on it. I hope I’m right on that and giving credit where it’s due. He’s got an art show coming up next week. More details on that soon.

The Montgomery Street Fair is from 3-9 p.m.

And that night, Bonejackal is playing at Head on the Door.


4 thoughts on “Music, men in makeup, car washes and cupcakes…

  1. Those cupcakes sound delicious! I’m really excited about the carwash. It sounds like it’ll be a great time!

    Also, I totally have to come to the Alley Bar tomorrow if only to see all you boys in make up. ^_~

    Love to see so many things going on in Montgomery. Wish I had time to see it all!

    • The cupcakes are going to be awesome! (The Gay Arnold Palmer is a mixture of green tea and pink lemonade, by the way.) And the ratio of makeup to chest hair tomorrow night is going to be way off.

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  3. Pingback: Bands and their Vans: Hail the Titans (Part One) | The Local Scene

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