The end of May

On this last day of May 2012, I figured I would throw a few updates on here.

First, I encourage you to read this show review on by Lindsay Garrett: “Device Malfunction or Operator Error, eh?” She interviewed the band Imaginary Cities when they came through Birmingham, opening for Buried Beds and headliner MewithoutYou at WorkPlay. It was a great show, and while the recorder stopped working during her interview, she details some great information about the show and the band.

If you haven’t heard already, Gut Munchers has found a producer and will be shooting some extra scenes. You can find some more information from the Durden Agency’s Tumblr.

As far as stuff going on this weekend, Head on the Door has a couple of really good shows coming up:

Tomorrow, they have Baak Gwai and Bearhead. Saturday, the Piss Shivers are making their Montgomery debut with Kids on Coffee. [Details here.]

Also, I hear that a new Birmingham band called Oceans is playing a hometown show at WorkPlay on Saturday. I’m told that the band features some members of the Arrangement and Promise the Ghost (and Bearhead’s current drummer.)

Hey! Long time; no talk…

It’s been almost three weeks since I updated this thing…

The end.

Just kidding.


OK, first of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the show Saturday night. The Violent rocked it, and all of us in Hail the Titans had a great time. Also since my last blog post, we’ve had shows in Gadsden, Ala.; Carrollton, Ga.; and Secret Stages in Birmingham, Ala, so thanks to everyone who welcomed us in those towns. We also held a van fundraising campaign, and we appreciate all who donated towards that. We made it up to 80 percent of our goal! We’ll be getting those perks ready very soon.

Last week, thanks to Steve Hall Productions, I was able to catch Coheed and Cambria with Moving Mountains and Pianos Become the Teeth at WorkPlay. It was a great show. Be sure to follow Steve on Twitter to hear about other great shows he is promoting.

Speaking of WorkPlay, the band mewithoutYou is playing there tonight. If you can make it, that will be a good show.

Barbecue. I typed that word so I could start this next part with “Speaking of barbecue.” So… Speaking of barbecue, a new restaurant opened up next to Organic Hippie on Vaughn Road.

It’s called Uncle Clyde’s, and it’s really good. In my opinion, it’s the best I’ve had in town since the previous barbecue restaurant that was located in the same place (a moment of silence for Five Brothers BBQ, a.k.a. Ninja Pig.) The owner is really nice and the food is good, so be sure to support this new local business. And I don’t know the official hours, but they were open during our show Saturday night, so you might be able to grab some good barbecue just before or after a show.

Cinco de Gut Munchers

There are a lot of events going on this weekend. (See yesterday’s post for a lot of them.) But on Saturday, starting at 10 a.m., you’ll have a chance to hang out with some cast and crew members from Gut Munchers.

Along with it being Cinco de Mayo, it’s also Free Comic Book Day, and the Gut Munchers event is being held at Capitol City Comics in Montgomery, which is on Vaughn Road at Taylor, near the Rave movie theater (who will be showing the new Avengers movie that opens this weekend.)

Jason Snellgrove, the writer, director and editor known as “Jiggly J. Slickwood,” will be there, along with radio personality Robbie Raggs, graphic artist Patrick Giles, some of the River Region Rollergirls and others from the film.

If you want your very own copy of the original Gut Munchers teaser or a poster, they will have them for sale.

Stuff to do, 2012: Cinco de Mayo weekend

Here are some events to help drunkenly celebrate Cinco de Mayo, also known as “Mexican Independence Day” by those who don’t know that Mexican Independence Day is really in September because, well, screw history! Pass me another margarita! Historically, Cinco de Mayo is followed by Seis de Mayo, also known as “Why Are There Nude Photos of My Passed-Out Body Next to a Bottle of Tequila on the Internet Day.”

Today starts the beginning of the May 2012 Kill, Baby… Kill! Eastern U.S. Tour. They’re starting in Atlanta tonight, going up the East Coast and back to end next week at Secret Stages in Birmingham. If you have friends or family in any of the cities they are hitting, click that link above and help them spread the word.

Lots of good stuff is happening on Friday, also known as Star Wars Day – “May the Fourth be with you.”

In Montgomery: You can start out early at Tipping Point in Hampstead and catch The Hotheads and Distant Kin. They’ve got the start time set for 6:30 p.m. on this one.

Later that night Swank Sinatra and The Great American Breakdown are at Head on the Door. You need to go. For real. 10 p.m. and no cover.

In Auburn: My friends in New Terminus are playing with Bohannons at Bloodhound. It’s nice to see original music return to Auburn.

In Birmingham: Bearhead and Beitthemeans are at Rogue Tavern.

If you’re in Gadsden, there is an all ages show at Andy’s Music featuring Hail the Titans, Beachside Property, Ugly Pompous Grin, Russian Love Machine, Eleanor Lane and Electric Buffalo Groove. Starts at 6 p.m. $6 cover. Check out the flier (designed by Chris K. Smith):

On Saturday, the actual Cinco de Mayo, Hail the Titans will be at Alley Cat in Carrollton, Ga. with The Electric Nature.

In Atlanta, Nigredo is playing the Trioscapes CD release show with Scarab and Harvard. That’s at the Drunken Unicorn.

Citizen Icon will be playing “The Taste of East Point” in East Point, Ga. that night also.