Hey! Long time; no talk…

It’s been almost three weeks since I updated this thing…

The end.

Just kidding.


OK, first of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the show Saturday night. The Violent rocked it, and all of us in Hail the Titans had a great time. Also since my last blog post, we’ve had shows in Gadsden, Ala.; Carrollton, Ga.; and Secret Stages in Birmingham, Ala, so thanks to everyone who welcomed us in those towns. We also held a van fundraising campaign, and we appreciate all who donated towards that. We made it up to 80 percent of our goal! We’ll be getting those perks ready very soon.

Last week, thanks to Steve Hall Productions, I was able to catch Coheed and Cambria with Moving Mountains and Pianos Become the Teeth at WorkPlay. It was a great show. Be sure to follow Steve on Twitter to hear about other great shows he is promoting.

Speaking of WorkPlay, the band mewithoutYou is playing there tonight. If you can make it, that will be a good show.

Barbecue. I typed that word so I could start this next part with “Speaking of barbecue.” So… Speaking of barbecue, a new restaurant opened up next to Organic Hippie on Vaughn Road.

It’s called Uncle Clyde’s, and it’s really good. In my opinion, it’s the best I’ve had in town since the previous barbecue restaurant that was located in the same place (a moment of silence for Five Brothers BBQ, a.k.a. Ninja Pig.) The owner is really nice and the food is good, so be sure to support this new local business. And I don’t know the official hours, but they were open during our show Saturday night, so you might be able to grab some good barbecue just before or after a show.


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