The end of May

On this last day of May 2012, I figured I would throw a few updates on here.

First, I encourage you to read this show review on by Lindsay Garrett: “Device Malfunction or Operator Error, eh?” She interviewed the band Imaginary Cities when they came through Birmingham, opening for Buried Beds and headliner MewithoutYou at WorkPlay. It was a great show, and while the recorder stopped working during her interview, she details some great information about the show and the band.

If you haven’t heard already, Gut Munchers has found a producer and will be shooting some extra scenes. You can find some more information from the Durden Agency’s Tumblr.

As far as stuff going on this weekend, Head on the Door has a couple of really good shows coming up:

Tomorrow, they have Baak Gwai and Bearhead. Saturday, the Piss Shivers are making their Montgomery debut with Kids on Coffee. [Details here.]

Also, I hear that a new Birmingham band called Oceans is playing a hometown show at WorkPlay on Saturday. I’m told that the band features some members of the Arrangement and Promise the Ghost (and Bearhead’s current drummer.)


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