Instructions for ordering food in Birmingham, Ala.

If you live in Birmingham, visit periodically, or are planning a trip, here are some instructions for getting some food that I highly recommend:

First, stop by a little restaurant called Rojo. Walk up to the counter, slip some money to a person behind the counter in a smooth handshake kind of way, and ask for the “Josh Carples Taco Syndrome” and wink one time with your right eye.

This will cause the person working there to ask, “What the hell is that?” while thinking, “What just happened?” This will be followed by statements like, “I have no idea what that is.”

And they are being honest. They don’t know who I am or what that is. But I had something there yesterday that was really good, and since the current form is not on the menu, Lindsay Garrett (who would know what you’re talking about) coined the term “Josh Carples Taco Syndrome” yesterday.

You can order some fish tacos there. They’re great. It’s fried cod, with your choice of corn or flour tortillas (I tend to go for flour when it comes to fish; corn with other types) and pico de gallo. They have a spicy version.

So, I recommend the spicy version, topped with jalapeno bacon (yes, you read correctly – jalapeno bacon… you can’t go wrong – it’s got “bacon” and “jalapeno” in the name) and served with habanero puree.

Photo by Lindsay Garrett.

In mathematical terms, I believe the equation would read like this:

Fish + Bacon  + [Spicy (3) + Pico de Gallo] = Josh Carples Taco Syndrome

Or something. I’m not sure. I’m sure I had you at “bacon” anyway.

And if that’s not enough pepper for you, you can stop by Steel City Pops and get a pineapple jalapeno ice pop (which most people I know call a “Popsicle,” but that’s actually a brand name.) It sounds like an odd combination, but it’s really good.


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