In a world of negativity…

Sometimes it seems as if the world is just full of negativity – on TV, on Facebook and Twitter, in politics, religion, and elsewhere. So I’m glad to be able to point out something very positive.

While on tour, I witnessed the kindness of strangers. There were so many people who took us into their homes. Most of them didn’t know us prior to meeting us at a show. They just knew we were a group of musicians on the road from Alabama. But they took us into their homes, let us sleep, take showers, do laundry, and some people even took the time to cook for us. It was so refreshing to see that level of kindness and remind us of the good in the world.

Along with making new friends and seeing great bands on tour, I also got to see some people from Montgomery – Ross (who filmed our “Cesium” video) in Philadelphia; Sara in Arlington, VA; Matthew in Washington, D.C.; and the many friends who drove to Atlanta to see us on the last night of tour.

I also met some family members – my nephew Jeremy and my brother David. It was the first time I have ever met someone else that shared my last name.

We also had some great food while on the road – a sandwich from Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh (“Yins guys wanna get one?”), an original Philly cheesesteak from Pats in Philadelphia (Wit’ onions, of course), and the U.S.S. Brooklyn battleship sandwich from the Black Sheep in Richmond, VA. And if you’re in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, be sure to stop by the Sound Hole and try their signature shot: the Brain. It looks like a brain and tastes like gummy bears.

We got to share the stage with a lot of great bands (even one from China – Rainbow Danger Club – who took some photos in Richmond, VA, and posted a little about us on their blog.)

So back to my original point: in a world of negativity, there is still plenty of kindness.

Taco Syndrome is real! (And other stuff, including ellipsis…)

Late last month, I posted about the mythical “Josh Carples Taco Syndrome” at Rojo in Birmingham. I say “mythical” because it’s not on the menu. However, rumor has it that my post got around to the fine folks at Rojo, who printed it out and gave instructions on how to ring it up should anyone order it.

So, while it’s not printed on the official menu, apparently you can actually order it. So go get your spicy on.

In other news… <– There are your ellipsis from the post subject.

The Hail the Titans Summer Tour starts this Thursday. We’re all very excited to be hitting the road.

We’re beginning and ending the tour with our friends Nigredo, starting off this Thursday with them at AlleyBAR and ending on July 28 at their “Lair” in Atlanta (also, with R_Garcia that night!)

17 days; 17 shows; 17 cities.

We posted a tour update and an update on the items we’re preparing from the van fundraiser campaign we held. Check that out on the Hail the Titans website.

Here is the official Facebook event for the entire tour: Click here. Even if you can’t make any of the shows on the tour, please spread the word to any friends or family in these cities.

Other stuff:

The band formerly known as the Safe Word is now called Neon Liars. It features members from Flip the Switch and Ballswag. They posted a demo on their ReverbNation page called “Cruel and Unusual Punishment.” Click here to listen.

Randomness 17.0

Hail the Titans had a couple of fun shows this weekend. We returned to the Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, Miss. Friday night, playing with I, Octopus; Ostrov; and Unicorn Screwdriver. Always fun times there.

Saturday, we made our debut in New Orleans at Banks St. Bar. We showed up early, and the bartenders were great – making us coffee, handing us board games to play. We also checked out Bourbon Street for awhile before the show. That night, we played with I, Octopus again and the Green Demons. Fun times.

Before the show, we got some food at this place called Juan’s Flying Burrito. I got the burrito al pastor. (Tip: From my experience, when you see “al pastor” on a menu, that’s a good sign.) I do not have a pic of the food. Sorry. Maybe try Instagram? I hear they have lots of food pics.


And here’s some good advice from Banks St. Bar: 

And of course, the famous cemeteries in New Orleans are a sight to see. This pic is from one at the end of Canal Street (or as some graffiti “artists” have made it: “anal Street.”)

Oh, here’s a recent spam comment for you to enjoy:

“This site is mostly a walk-by way of for the entire data you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you’ll positively discover it.”

I think I should use that as a slogan. “ is mostly a walk-by way of for the entire data you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask.” It just rolls off the tongue.

Also, the van is still for sale. The price is negotiable. Talk to me.