In a world of negativity…

Sometimes it seems as if the world is just full of negativity – on TV, on Facebook and Twitter, in politics, religion, and elsewhere. So I’m glad to be able to point out something very positive.

While on tour, I witnessed the kindness of strangers. There were so many people who took us into their homes. Most of them didn’t know us prior to meeting us at a show. They just knew we were a group of musicians on the road from Alabama. But they took us into their homes, let us sleep, take showers, do laundry, and some people even took the time to cook for us. It was so refreshing to see that level of kindness and remind us of the good in the world.

Along with making new friends and seeing great bands on tour, I also got to see some people from Montgomery – Ross (who filmed our “Cesium” video) in Philadelphia; Sara in Arlington, VA; Matthew in Washington, D.C.; and the many friends who drove to Atlanta to see us on the last night of tour.

I also met some family members – my nephew Jeremy and my brother David. It was the first time I have ever met someone else that shared my last name.

We also had some great food while on the road – a sandwich from Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh (“Yins guys wanna get one?”), an original Philly cheesesteak from Pats in Philadelphia (Wit’ onions, of course), and the U.S.S. Brooklyn battleship sandwich from the Black Sheep in Richmond, VA. And if you’re in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, be sure to stop by the Sound Hole and try their signature shot: the Brain. It looks like a brain and tastes like gummy bears.

We got to share the stage with a lot of great bands (even one from China – Rainbow Danger Club – who took some photos in Richmond, VA, and posted a little about us on their blog.)

So back to my original point: in a world of negativity, there is still plenty of kindness.

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