Music I think you should hear, vol. 5

I guess we can call this ‘the Georgia edition.’

If you have not heard, seen or experienced Atlanta’s own Nigredo, then do yourself a favor and listen to this track. Or do as I did and listen to it at least 10 or more times in a row. This is a great group of people who make wonderful music, and I’m honored to call them friends.


The Atlanta blog Latest Disgrace wrote about a new track by my friends in The Electric Nature, which is based in Carrollton, GA. Definitely check these guys out! This track is more drone-y than some of their other stuff that I’ve seen live, but it’s really good.


Also, my boys in Swank Sinatra, also from Atlanta, released a new track from their upcoming “Pretty Shoes” EP last week, prior to their show at Head on the Door in Montgomery. They performed two sets that night and had this to say upon their return home:

“So, If you caught the first set… Thanks for coming out! and If you caught the double wedding, second set and subsequent debauchery… we’re so, so, so very sorry.”

Listen to “Sonic Biff” below:


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