Some things you should know

I’ll number these items for no reason at all since this is mostly stream-of-consciousness anyway…

1. Nophest was awesome. You should keep that in mind for next year so you can get a weekend pass and make plans to see awesome bands. Thanks to Randy Garcia for putting it together and letting me and Hail the Titans on it. You need to check out Randy’s bands – R_Garcia and Swank Sinatra.

2. I’m part of an acoustic showcase that’s happening tomorrow night at the Handlebar in Pensacola. Come to the show. Go to the beach. Have fun. Click here for the Facebook event. It’s being put on by Bangover Booking, and I appreciate the opportunity to play it. It’s an early show – starting at 5:30 – and I’m one of 11 artists performing.

3. I didn’t know until yesterday that the Tallest Man on Earth put out a new album this year – back in June, apparently. It’s really good. Really good.

4. NPR is streaming the new Avett Brothers album “The Carpenter,” which is due out Sept. 11. You can listen to that here. If you get a chance to see them, go. They put on a really good, energetic show. I got to see them with Band of Horses awhile back. Seriously, I’ve never seen a crowd get so hype over a banjo.

5. If you’re in Montgomery, go hang out with BPM at Head on the Door Friday night. You’ll have fun. It’s true.

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