What happened to rational discussion?

Good luck posting anything about religion or politics on your favorite social networking sites. I’m sure you’ve seen it – one post turns into 100+ comments that end up with people cursing at each other.

What happened to rational discussions or respectful debates?

I think all too often that people – whether by accident or deliberately – replace the word “opponent” with “enemy.” But those are not the same. And it’s so easy to do when we’re given an illusion that there are only two choices – Republican or Democrat, Christian or atheist, Coke or Pepsi.

Two people can both care about something and have completely different ideas on how to solve a problem.

Also, personally, I find that having discussions with those with whom you disagree is a learning experience. How can you know where you stand or make informed decisions without first being informed?

So for those of you who enjoy a good religious debate, I have a friend who is looking for one. He is a friend with whom I disagree on many things, especially regarding religion, philosophy and politics, but we have a mutual respect.

If you’re interested in discussing or debating religion with him, I encourage you to start that discussion in the comment section of his blog, specifically his post titled, “Atheists, Jesus and Truth.”


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