Music I think you should hear, vol. 6

I’ll start out with some friends from Greenville, SC – Signs of Iris. They released a new song recently, titled “From you.” Hear it below:

Also, I just found out that Damascus, a really good band from New Jersey that we met on tour, has their EP on Spotify. It’s title “Of Whom I Always Think.” Here is the Spotify link. You can also hear them on Bandcamp.

In an email from Deep Elm records, they announced that all of their releases have been marked down to $5 for the rest of 2012. That’s 200 available albums, including releases by band such as Moonlit Sailor, Dorena, Athletics (another NJ band, I found out recently), The Appleseed Cast and more.

In other news, Godspeed! You Black Emperor have announced a new album, their first in a decade, which is very exciting as they’re playing at Bottletree in Birmingham this Saturday.

And in a non-music category, I found this blog post humorous. Enjoy.


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