Music and shows and makeup and stickers and ponies and

Actually, just the first two.

Hail the Titans is playing in Southside, AL (right outside of Gadsden) and Montgomery this weekend. Check out the “shows” page on our website for more info. Details for tonight’s show at Andy’s in Southside can be found here. Details for Saturday’s show at the Organic Hippie party at Capitol Oyster Bar can be found here.

New Orleans-based instrumental band I, Octopus is doing a week stint starting tonight in Tuscaloosa and ending next Saturday in St. Louis, MO. Tomorrow, they’ll join us at the Organic Hippie event, and Wednesday, they’ll hit the Radio Room in Greenville, SC.

And speaking of Greenville, SC and the Radio Room, Signs of Iris just released a new music video with live footage from that venue. See it below (and check out the awesome R_Garcia shirt that Cassie is wearing in the live footage.)

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