Collapse & Resurrection…

“Collapse & Resurrection” sounds like it would make a great album title, doesn’t it? Well, good news! (Please read that last part in Professor Farnsworth’s voice.)

Some very good friends of mine – Atlanta’s own Nigredo – are currently raising money to release their debut album, “Collapse & Resurrection,” on double vinyl. They have an IndieGoGo site set up and are offering many pricing options and packages, including private shows. Also, the artwork looks great! (See below.)


In other news, Hail the Titans is playing our 100th show. That’s coming up on Dec. 7. The next day, we’re part of the Hijacking Music Festival in Atlanta (as is Nigredo). More info on that here.

Deep Elm Records just re-released their “Postrockology” compilation. Lots of good music on that, and they’re giving it away for free.


What’s not free, however, is the third (and final, apparently) vinyl pressing of The Appleseed Cast’s “Low Level Owl” albums. This pressing will be on triple gold vinyl. It’s really good. Really good. Find out more here.

And if you missed my new article on the War on Christmas, you can read it at the Capital City Free Press.

“Ocean (piano version)” released today

I’m currently working on a third solo album, and while that process continues, I decided to record a piano version of one of my songs, so I picked “Ocean” from “The Final Scene.” I went for a minimalist approach – no extra instruments or backing vocal harmonies – just piano and one vocal track. It was recorded using an old, Kimball upright piano. The piano needs work, and it’s not in perfect tune by any means, but I find that there’s a beauty in it. A beauty in imperfections. It serves as a reminder of life itself, and I hope that imperfect beauty translates into this song.

The song is available on Bandcamp, iTunes*, Amazon, CD Baby and Spotify.

*I’m told that the song is currently showing up on iTunes, but their system may be showing an error upon download. It’s available at the other retailers if iTunes isn’t working.

“Unfriend” if you must

I’m not writing this to gloat. I remember the sadness I felt upon learning the results of the 2004 presidential election. I don’t wish that upon my friends.

I’m also not writing this to call names. I am not happy that Roy Moore will be back on Alabama’s Supreme Court after losing the exact same position for ethics violations. I am not happy that Twinkle Cavanaugh is now president of the Public Service Commission. But I won’t call you names if you happened to vote for those people.

I try to voice my opinions on matters respectfully, trying to keep in mind that we’re all Americans. While others may question patriotism or casually throw around words like “evil,” I won’t do that.

I will say this: To say that the president hates this country makes you look foolish. I thought George W. Bush’s job performance as president was awful. Do I think he hates America? No. I disagree with many policies that Romney proposed. Do I think he hates America? No. I disagree with some policies that Obama has proposed (and certain parts of the 2012 NDAA are at the forefront). Do I think he hates America? No.

So you and I disagree on politics. So you and I disagree on religion. I can be respectful to friends with whom I disagree, provided those friends show me a similar level of respect. If you can’t do that, the “unfriend” option is available.

You can disagree without being disagreeable. You can be passionate without being rude. If you choose not to hold yourself in a respectful manner, go ahead and unfriend me. If you hate people because of their race or because of their sexuality, unfriend me.

To my religious friends, I don’t share your beliefs. If you can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t share your faith, I understand.

For my religious and politically active friends who are still reading and haven’t moved your curser to the unfriend or unfollow button, I would like to share this with you. It’s a quote from a very religious friend (I’m going to assume he hasn’t unfriended me upon reading this), however, it was not a public post, so I’ll leave his name out. It’s something for my conservative Christian friends to think about:

“What I observe to be the conservative Christians’ attitude to the political side of the culture war: comfort yourself that *you’re* in control when you win elections. Comfort yourself that *God’s* in control when you lose them.”

I don’t think he was advocating that line of reasoning. I think he was showing the need for consistency. I definitely agree with him on that point.

Some news and some events this weekend, starting tonight

The weekend is finally upon us, and I noticed some events that look like they’ll be a good time.

Tonight in Birmingham, is presenting Voices in the Trees, Five Shot Jack (which features some former members of Rowe), Twin Heart Trap and Justin Flave Turberville (formerly of the band Bearhead). The show is at Matthews Bar and Grill.

Tonight in Montgomery, Head on the Door has Anniston-based McPherson Struts. No cover, 10 p.m., 21+.

For Saturday, it’s football season, which is a months-long religious ceremony in the South. So if you’re not into football, you may have to do some traveling to find something going on. I see the Plug Uglies are hosting a benefit for the Autism Learning Center in Columbus, Ga. Some good bands are on that show. Also, Gadsden-based Beach Side Property is having their CD release show. You can hear songs from their album, “The Days Left,” on their Bandcamp page.

Sunday, AlleyBAR in Montgomery is hosting the Banditos and Megan Jean and the KFB. Johnny Veres and Beth Hataway (formerly of Hellakopta of Love) will be opening the show. I’ve seen Johnny, Beth and Banditos before, and I can attest that they are more than worth the $5 cover, but I’ve heard nothing but positive and glowing reviews for Megan Jean and the KFB from people in multiple states all around the Southeast, so definitely check them out. I think this may be their first time playing Montgomery, so let’s give them a warm welcome. They’ve got a 5 p.m. start time on the event, so you can still get to work the next morning.

In other news, I’ll soon be releasing a piano version of the song “Ocean” from my last solo album, “The Final Scene.” The cover art is currently up on Instagram (@joshcarples). If you like my solo stuff, and you’re on Facebook, click “Like” on my artist page to keep up with developments on this and other upcoming solo releases.