Music I think you should hear, vol. 7

This one can be nicknamed “The I-85 Edition” as the music is from artists in Montgomery and Atlanta.

Montgomery’s own Shane Gillis, known for his work in bands such as Saragashum, Verse and Radiation, Weak Music For Thomas and many more great projects, has released his first instrumental guitar album titled “The Guitar Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” Lots of good stuff on here, and Jeff McLeod makes an appearance on track five.

Speaking of Jeff McLeod, his band NO (a trio also featuring Vonda McLeod and Glenn Grant, formerly of the Ed Kemper Trio) just released a new album titled “Scum Commodities.” Nine really good songs. Check it out below:

And now to the ATL…

If you still haven’t heard Randy Garcia’s newest solo release, “No Holds Bard,” wait no longer. You may have seen him on drums with the band Swank Sinatra, but he’s also quite talented on both guitar and vocals as well. Check out the new R_Garcia here:

And finally, the new album by ODIST is out. This is the project that features Sarah Wilson and Parker Newell, both of whom also share their time and talents with Psychedubasaurus Rex. The album, “Khimaira,” is really good instrumental prog stuff and was produced by Ikey Owens of Mars Volta fame. Check it out below:

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