11 days into the new year

First post of 2013: No, I haven’t forgotten about this thing. Sometimes, even when there’s no shortage of thoughts and topics racing around my head, I don’t necessarily find them all publicly blogworthy. However, there are some music-related items that I think you should know about.

First, Signs of Iris, a great band from Greenville, SC, is currently on tour. Check out their tour dates here, and tell your friends.

Ostrov, the two-piece sludge/doom band from Hattiesburg, MS, is also on tour. They’ll be coming through Montgomery tomorrow night, playing at Head on the Door with the always great Last Transgression. Check out other Ostrov tour dates here.

And one of my favorite bands, Mogwai (yes, I’m posting about Mogwai again) has a new EP called “Les Revenants.” The music is actually a score for a French zombie show, apparently. It’s on Spotify, and a vinyl version will be released soon. They also had a remix album come out late last year. I’m normally not much for remix albums, but I’ll admit that “A Wrenched Virile Lore” is good. It’s also on Spotify.


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