Film updates: Gut Munchers, Death to the World, The Devil’s Hand

On Jan. 17, “Gut Munchers‘” writer/director Jason Snellgrove announced that he was making the “last little changes” to the film. No official release date has been set, but if you haven’t seen the trailer (or you just want to check it out again), click here.

If this is your first time hearing about the film, here’s the synopsis:

When a stray barrel of toxic waste starts leaking into a stream on the local hunting grounds, all hell breaks loose! Radiation hit’s the local redneck population, and turns them into GUT MUNCHERS! The only thing standing in the way of a regional outbreak are 4 out of luck College students, a local sheriff, and a Ragg-tag group of radio personalities!

Another film that is currently in the works is called “Death to the World.” From writer/director Shane Gillis and co-writer/producer Rick Gardner, the film is billed as a “classic slasher film with a modern psychological edge.” Filming began Jan. 19 for the teaser, with full production to start in spring.

(If the name Shane Gillis sounds familiar, I wrote about his new album “The Guitar Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” in a post last month.)

Be sure to “like” the film’s Facebook page for updates, cast info and photos, and there are a few behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram tagged with #deathtotheworldmovie.

I just noticed that another local film, “The Devil’s Hand,” has set an official screening date. The political suspense/thriller will premiere on Jan. 30 at The Tipping Point in the Hampstead area.

The  synopsis of the film, from writer/director Jimmie Rogers:

A hotshot politician is thrust into the unknown when he is involved in a fatal accident that forces a confrontation with Lucifer. He is then compelled to make a decision as old as time itself that opposes all that he stands for.

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