If you haven’t heard that new Neon Liars song, check it out now. “Not after breakfast. Not after CSI. Now!”


And then make your weekend plans:

This weekend, Atlanta is taking over Montgomery – Friday night, Nigredo and Demonaut are playing at Head on the Door, and Saturday night is Swank Sinatra.

Speaking of Nigredo, as I type this, there are only 11 days left in their vinyl fundraiser. Click here to help out.

You need good music in your life. Music can bring joy and happiness, and according to the recent story in The Atlantic, Montgomery and Dothan rank as the saddest cities in America – and that’s just going by our tweets. So get some good music in your life.

And if you haven’t heard about the Guy Fieri restaurant website parody, you’re missing out on some good comedy. Read this.

Oh, also, the good folks at The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source” that is always looking out for society, offer their own “Tips For Not Accidentally Murdering Your Girlfriend.”

One last thing – the Secret Stages music festival in Birmingham, Ala. has been postponed. I’m told that it’s not canceled, just postponed.

The ‘Death to the World’ teaser is up!

Just a few days ago, the folks behind the upcoming slasher film Death to the World launched their fundraiser campaign and the film teaser. Perks range from a special thanks in the film credits to an “Executive Producer” title.


You can help the film with your contribution at the film’s IndieGoGo page.

Also, the Capital City Free Press published an article about the film (and will be posting an interview with director/co-writer Shane Gillis in the near future.) And the actor known as “Rudy Banes” has demanded a Diet Pepsi from the set of the Michael Jackson commercial where his hair caught fire. (And to think all this time, I’ve just been demanding jars of green M&Ms in the backstage area…)

Oh, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the music that Gillis has created for the film. He’s handling the score, and you can hear it on his Bandcamp page.

Show some love

If you’re in the pro-Valentine’s Day camp, it’s a perfect time to show some love by helping Nigredo in their double vinyl fundraiser. If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, then take that money that would otherwise be going to flowers, chocolates and cards and help Nigredo in their double vinyl fundraiser. Either way, you win, and since 20 percent of the contributions are going to the Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center of Atlanta, many more people can win.

Click here to help them release “Collapse & Resurrection.”

Also, if you haven’t already clicked ye olde “like” button on the Death to the World Facebook page, click here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I have it on good authority that the teaser that I mentioned last month will be ready very soon. It’s a film in the thriller/slasher/horror categories from Pudding Moment Productions, in association with Did You Bury It? Productions, which are the folks behind Gut Munchers.

And finally, The Guardian’s music blog has posted “Mogwai: a beginner’s guide” featuring a YouTube and Spotify playlist of 10 tracks used as an introduction to one of my favorite bands. It’s a great list, but I would suggest adding the song “Travel is Dangerous” from the Mr. Beast album to it.