Randomness 19.0

If you haven’t heard… wait… I need caps for this… IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE NEW TRACK FROM THE APPLESEED CAST, CLICK HERE OR HERE.

You can pre-order their new album “Illumination Ritual” (release date: April 23)  from Graveface Records.

I also got to take a few listens to a tour EP from The Electric Nature recently… aaaaand I just found it on Bandcamp. It’s really good.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, beards keep you young, healthy and handsome. Here’s an article to keep you up to speed on these issues.

And click here to see some photos from the recent Hail the Titans show at Alley Cat in Carrollton, Ga.

One last thing: If you’re reading this with a hangover induced by green beer, you should know that adding food coloring to generic, bland beer doesn’t magically make it a good beer.


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