Film and music and ladydudes

Filming for “Death to the World” begins this week!

Related: If you’re in Montgomery and free this Thursday morning from about 9 to 11 a.m., come be an extra in the film. Send a message to the DttW Facebook page for details.


Three of the contestants from last year’s pageant. Photo by Anton Jackson.

Thursday evening is this year’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady” woman-less beauty pageant, presented by Hello Gorgeous photography. My filming schedule won’t allow me to participate this year (which is lucky for the other ladydudes! I was second last year, so it would have been on for first!), but I highly encourage you to attend. It’s a fun event, and it’s for a good cause; funding goes to the Joy to Life Foundation which provides free mammograms in Alabama for women who don’t otherwise have the resources for early breast cancer detection.

This Saturday is the 4/20 SandJAM, brought to you by Organic Hippie, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Yeti Entertainment Ink and Bailey Bros. Music. It’s features live music, good beer and more.

And R.I.P. Chi Cheng.

Music I think you should hear, vol. 9

I’ve posted about Neon Liars before; a couple of months ago, they released the first track from their album.

But yesterday, the band put their new album on Bandcamp. The album, “Tell Us About Your Whoa’s,” is available for whatever price you want to pay. Check it out below:


Also, Kill Baby Kill has a new album coming out this year on Deep Eddy Records. They released a video promo, which was put together by Did You Bury It? Productions – the folks behind the upcoming zombie film Gut Munchers. See it below:

Happy. Sad. Audible. Visual. Philosophical… and stuff to do.

I’ll start with “stuff to do.”

Tomorrow, I’m playing an acoustic show with my friend Bobby Lee from Dothan. Head on the Door in Montgomery. 9:30 p.m.

I encourage Birmingham folks to check out the Every Drop event tomorrow, which benefits the Cahaba River Society. It has local food, drinks, music and prizes (and a very special lady helped with the planning.)

Friday, a new metal band in Montgomery will make their debut. They’re called Necropocalypse, and they’re playing with .50 Cal Syndicate at Head on the Door.

Saturday is the 9th Annual Autism Crawfish Boil, followed by the River Region Rollergirls bout against the Rome Rollergirls, and later that night is Kids on Coffee with special guests X-Ray Vision from Columbus, Ga.

Congrats to my friends in the band gates (from NJ) for their recent write-up in Alternative Press magazine.

If you’re looking for some new music, be sure to check out the Murder by Death “As You Wish: kickstarter covers.”

When they did a fundraiser last year in advance of the release of “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon,” they had a pricing option where the donor could choose a song for them to cover.

In the “sad news” category, the band Gifts from Enola is calling it quits. They released their latest, “A Healthy Fear,” last year, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. It’s a great album.

And two popular writers – Sam Harris (The End of Faith, etc.) and Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian) – are not seeing eye-to-eye on some issues that involve charges of “racism” and  “Islamaphobia.” Harris has published an email exchange between the two (with Greenwald’s permission.) I think it’s worth reading. Check it out here.