Randomness XX

This photo has nothing to do with this post; it’s just a random photo from my Instagram feed.

A few quick things:

Last month I was interviewed by the Swedish horror movie website MonsterDiggare.net. I got to talk about Gut Munchers and Death to the World, as well as Hail the Titans and my solo music. Click here to read the interview.

Montgomery now has a new entertainment paper. It’s called Made Paper, and it just launched this month. I was asked to write an article about independent touring for the first issue, which is now in print and online. The article is titled, “Touring: Is Today Shower Day?

In very unfortunate news, The Appleseed Cast’s van and trailer suffered damage as they headed out for tour. Here is the statement from their label, Graveface Records:

“Yesterday afternoon, the Appleseed Cast’s van and trailer were run off the road in KS. No members of the band were in the accident, but friend and tour mate Anthony Piazza of Muscle Worship was driving and luckily is OK. On the not so lucky side, Appleseed’s trailer was completely destroyed, there are damages to their tour van, and many pieces of their gear were wrecked. If you have any loot to spare and want to help them get back on the road next week, we here at Graveface really appreciate it. If you donate a minimum of $15, you’ll get their new (and incredible!) album, Illumination Ritual, in just about any digital format you can imagine.”

Click here to hear/purchase their new album (which is incredible, by the way, and buying it will help them out) and see the list of gear that was damaged and the upcoming tour dates.

Also, my friend and band mate, Hail the Titans guitarist extraordinaire Mr. Adam Davila himself, just put a solo song on SoundCloud. He describes the style as “dark soul/gospel.” Hear “Leave Me to the Fire” below:


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