…in a word… RAD!

Shed thine joyous tears, Montgomerians, for a resident in thine town has set out to bestow musical happiness upon ye in the ways of vinyl!

In other words, Montgomery, Alabama, has a record store.

It’s called “RAD!” and while the future plans are for an actual storefront, they’re starting online. But how can an online store be “local,” you ask? By offering local delivery, hence their slogan: “We bring the music to you!”

So click “Like” on their Facebook page, and check out their online store.

In other music news, the band Kill Baby… Kill! from Anniston, Ala. has released their new album, “Corridor X” on Deep Eddy Records. It’s now available on CD Baby as well.

You can also check out their first EP, “Sometimes They Come Back,” on Spotify.

And if you still haven’t seen the new video for “Loa D” by the Atlanta-based band DAMS, then what are you waiting for?!


One more thing: the first band I was ever in is a metal band called PKD. The guitarist and front man, Mike, has put a new lineup together for a reunion show this summer (which includes members from Neon Liars and Necropocalypse.) They recorded a recent rehearsal at Guitar Center Studios in Huntsville. You can hear it here.

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