New Hail the Titans EP, Gut Munchers and more!

Photo by Mary Rhoden of

This past weekend, Hail the Titans released our newest EP, titled fig.

We’ve released it on limited edition vinyl (250 total) pressed on ‘Coke bottle green’ color at 45 rpm. (Digital download included.)

It’s available at our shows or you can order through RAD! Vinyl.

RAD! Vinyl has two options: Vinyl only or if you’re looking for our first CD, Hymns of Mare Nostrum, you can get both and save a few dollars.

And speaking of new releases, the campy zombie film Gut Munchers will be out very soon. Writer/director Jason Snellgrove posted a photo of the first box of DVDs, and RAD! Vinyl has been taking pre-orders for the movie. (Per the site, pre-order price is good through Thursday.)

This film project began back in 2010, actually. (The first time I can find where I posted anything about it was on Oct. 13, 2010. You can find previous posts searching for “Gutmunchers” and “Gut Munchers.”)

The character I play in the film is “Vince.” (If you see it before I do, tell me how it is.)

And recently, as many of you know, I’ve been working on the film Death to the World, playing the character “Nick.” The film is being produced by the team at Pudding Moment Productions. Along with being an actor and helping with various crew duties, the guys have recently asked me to officially join the Pudding Moment team as Director of Public Relations. So please, make sure to ‘like’ the page on Facebook: Pudding Moment Productions.


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