Music I think you should hear, vol. 10

Montgomery, Ala. may not be known for a flourishing music scene (those designations generally go to Birmingham and Atlanta, Ga.), but in my time here, I have witnessed many incredible bands and musicians.

I enjoy hearing that many of the artists I have long respected have teamed up to create new things.

So with that being said, I would like to present a new album by some very talented musicians in my area: The Hard Gospel.

Featuring Brandon Marvin, Zane Tremontana and Robert Taylor (and guest appearances by Jeff McLeod and Shane Gillis), their debut album “The Commandments of Morality” can be heard below or on their Bandcamp page. (The album art is by an amazing artist and musician in Atlanta named Neal Williams. Check out more of his work here.)


And speaking of some of the folks above – Marvin, Taylor, McLeod and Gillis – they teamed up with bassist Mark Coleman a couple of years ago under the name Vyathist and released the album “Faceless, Dreamless.” Hear it below on on Bandcamp.


And one more related project from McLeod, who is in the band No with Vonda McLeod and Glenn Grant. They have a couple of albums out, the newest being “Scum Commodities.” They will also be playing this year’s Secret Stages festival in Birmingham – this Friday, 7:30 at the Das Haus stage. Hear them below or on Bandcamp.


Other news: Last Transgression (featuring Robert Taylor from The Hard Gospel and Vyathist) is playing at Head on the Door in Montgomery Friday night with Avavago. And No is playing at Head on the Door Saturday night with Bonejackal and RGTomb.


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